New Life

So after years of struggle in my marriage, I finally feel some peace. A little heart ache that it didn’t work, that I had to get divorced the one reason why I waited 7 years to get married in the first place came to pass anyway.  Just God’s way of showing you that His plans will over rule yours everytime I guess.  I met someone else, well I’ve known him for a while.  I didn’t really wanna date him though as I am still married and I have a lot in my life to straighten out, but he is cool and I get the time I need without him trippin bout me being with him all the time or anything, he understands.  I talk to him and being with him makes me happy. He makes me smile and laugh and when I’m with him I feel comforted and loved and in love.  Its too soon my mind keeps telling my heart, but the heart cannot help but to feel what it wants.  There is a huge age difference, but him and I have so much in common its scary, he percieves life similar to me and we like a lot of the same shit, something I didn’t have in my last relationship.  He is very gentle in his touch and kisses, a little too gentle as I usually like it rough, but it still feels great and makes me tingle all over.  He asked me to be his girlfriend on the 16th, I accepted although I fought with it for a while. There are many logical reasons for not being with him, why a long term relationship with him won’t  work, but the heart wants what the heart wants, so I am going with it, even though I’m so scared of the pain that follows….but you can’t stop yourself from loving no matter how hard you try, I’ve already learned that.
Mat having a new girlfriend….how do I feel I am really unsure, maybe a little jealous, but relief mostly because he isn’t obsessed with me anymore and I don’t have to worry bout his threats of taking my kids or anything so it mostly good, plus she has nothing on me anyways lol.  And the fact that he is a awful partner, even when he worked all he did when he came home was eat and watch tv didn’t spend any time with me really….good luck for both of us…and I will keep him in my prayers of course, my kids deserve a good dad, a great dad and I hope he can do that.

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