over 2 months

So Ivan and I have been dating for over 2 months now….kinda seems longer actually.  I am staying with my friend at his house Ivan is staying with me.  It wasn’t supposed to be perminant, just kinda happened….now he can’t go back to where he was so oh well….it isn’t bothering me I enjoy NOT sleeping alone, plus I get some every night which keeps me happy lol! Last week I was really depressed.  I overdrew my bank account like I wasn’t screwed to begin with already, sigh!! My ex was texting me wanting to have sex with me even though he has a girlfriend, he is texting me while he is with her and shit!! It’s funny I laugh, because I know that I could have him back in a heartbeat, but this dumb bitch Jennie thinks that his love for her is greater than the love he still feels for me…we were together for 10 years almost 11, get over it bitch….shit….she goes through his phone and says she trusts him, she just doesn’t trust ME?!? I’m like HELLO I DUMPED HIM….fucking bitches…I did start to wonder if I made a huge mistake, I mean marriage is supposed to be "for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer" blah blah blah, is it ME did I not do what I am supposed to as a wife? I worked for 3 years supporting him hoping he would go back to work, get off the meth, etc…and it never happened.  Is he sober now, I don’t know I found meth bags in his wallet and his girlfriend was a known meth user as well, so I doubt he is sober…but not MY problem anymore….