RIP Harley Thompson

My dad passed away April 19th, 10 days after my 28th birthday.  He got me two cards, I can’t even look at them without crying and can’t throw them away.  At 7pm  I found him cold laying in a pool of blood.  The worst moment im my life thus far.  Sometimes at night I relive that night.  Opening the door, seeing the blood on his bed, then on the floor and around the corner he is laying naked with blood underneath him, internal bleeding.  I kneel next to him, "Daddy?!?! Oh my GOD!!! Daddy???!". I touch his face, its cold, I expected him to open his eyes and look at me, but he never did.  I grab the phone and run back outside where Ivan and the girls waited for me, I knew something was wrong, he didn’t answer my calls all day.  The first number I dialed it rang and rang then nothing, maybe I dialed it wrong, I hang up and pay attention this time, dialing 911…"What’s your emergency?" the lady says, "My dad is dead!!" I stay on the phone with her crying on my knees in the front yard.  I called my mom.  I miss him, I miss talking to him almost every day, I miss seeing him every weekend.  I miss his laugh his hug.  The poor dog had been in there with his bloody body all day, I put her out back when the ambulance comes.  No autopsy, he was an alcoholic, his liver was failing, among other things.  He couldn’t enjoy life, he was lost and confused and lonely, I hope he is at peace, at some better place, but I can’t be sure, he lived his life in sin, and although he loved God, I wonder if he prayed his last moments laying there bleeding on the floor.  I love you daddy always your little girl, Nicole

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